Grieving the EU

It’s been a strange few days. Britain’s decision to leave the EU has trumped all other news concerns and most other topics of conversation among family and friends. What is most striking to me is just how fragile Britain has turned out to be. The referendum has ripped the country down the middle, destroying both […] […]

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On June 23rd the UK will vote whether or not to stay in the EU. This is projected to be one of the biggest votes of the generation which will incur major consequences on the younger and future generations to come. Just like anything political nothing is set in stone and everything is shrouded in […]

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The Glasgow Effect

Scotland, as a whole, does not hold a positive reputation in terms of health; being known as ‘The Sick Man of Europe’ it has the poorest health and lowest life expectancy in the whole of Western Europe. The Glasgow Effect refers to the links between poor health and deprivation. It discusses that within Scotland the negative links […]

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Ol’ Whipper.

All these foul mutterings in the background following me wherever I go, the background music to which I can’t quite make out what’s being said. It wasn’t always like this. In fact it used to be the complete opposite to what it is now. In fact back when things were good it was the best time […]

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The ‘F’ Word.

Not the curse which can be moulded into a verb, noun and adjective but more the political and social movement: feminism. In recent times feminism has broken the media and is now a popular topic that comes up on one’s newsfeed and in general conversation. As great as this sounds it is still treated as […]

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